Walker Couch Residence Storm Shelter
Norman, Oklahoma
After the tornadic events of May 2013 happened in Oklahoma, President Boren gave a charge to protect students at the University of Oklahoma by building new safe rooms. Because of MA+ Architecture's experience designing and building safe rooms we were selected for this very important project. The design consists of new safe rooms at 5 sites near the University dormitories and apartments. The same design will be built at the University's three apartment complexes to house approximately 1,600 occupants. This building will serve a dual purpose and be used as an indoor space for various student activities and as a safe room. At the University's high rise dormitories, a different concept was explored. Due to the extremely tight site constraints and the large amount of students to shelter, MA+ designed a safe room that would be built both above and below ground. The new shelter is nestled between the 12 story wings of the existing dorms and will be used as study space when it's not being used as a safe room. The new area will hold approximately 2,600 occupants.